Library News!




The library continues to be well used and popular. It is always a pleasure to see so many pupils enjoying books and reading.


The top five most borrowed books this year are










Star Borrowers!

According to the statistics the younger pupils use the library the most. Primary, year seven and eight are the biggest borrowers. Well done to you!

However the star readers are year seven, who have maintained a 99% borrowing record all year!  Thank you to them and also to Mrs Musgrove for finding time in English lessons to keep their reading demands satisfied.




500-words-promo-2Once again we find ourselves heading into a Half Term Holiday, where has the time gone? Snow, wind, rain its been a turbulent term!
Thank you to all of you who have borrowed books, enjoyed books, used the i-pads so sensibly and most importantly returned books!
Thanks too for all your entries to the 80 words competition and the 500 Words competition.
There is plenty of time to enter the national 500 words competition, get writing over the holidays! Hand any stories to Mrs Hocquard when you get back to school and she will make sure the stories are entered.
Winners of the 80 words competetion will be announced on our return to school after the holidays; Good Luck!
For more information about the 500 words competition visit

The beginning of the new term has been as busy as ever in the Library.

It has been especially good to see so many of you coming in to learn about Diwali, and make an offering to Lakshmi. You must let me know if any of your wealth wishes come true!
 As well as the celebrations of Halloween and Fireworks and the thanks we give at harvest festival and Diwali time, November is a time for reflection and contemplation. After our wonderful and poignant remembrance service it has been great to see so many of you taking an interest in the remembrance display. You have been telling me stories of soldiers, airmen and women in your families and looking at books that tell of the great sacrifices people have made in conflicts around the world.

Don’t forget that there is a new competition with prizes to be won to celebrate National Short Story Week. More to follow…..

Also keep your eyes open this week as…….. THE FREE BOOKS ARE HERE! they will be delivered to your units by the end of the week. Happy reading everyone.


Thank you to all who have signed up for their free book. If you have yet to make a choice, why wait? If I can place our whole school order by September 28th BookTrust will send us a set of new and exciting titles for our library; so get ordering!
All of the free books are on display in the library and I think there is something for everybody. However don’t be put off if a book looks long and difficult. It often isn’t!

Just one of the brilliant free books

The book above may look long and full of words with no exciting pictures, don’t be fooled. It is actually packed with thirteen thrilling stories about inspirational real life heroes. Each story is short, easy to read, fast-paced and totally engaging. So come in and take a look and as the old saying goes… ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover!’


Welcome back! It has been wonderful to see so many of you back in the library and eager to read new things. The first business of the new term is to make sure you come in and see me in the libarary, to order your free book. We are once again running the Book Trusts BookBuzz programme, which entitles you all to a free book to take home and call your own! There are many wonderful titles to chose from, ranging from picture books with puppets or an audio CD to magical novels and funny poetry. To find out more follow the link below, look around school at the posters or come and see the librarian!

I found this image when browsing for pictures for library promotional material. It lead me to reflect on books that have meant something to me over the years. Which of the hundreds of favourites would make the cut and end up adorning my ideal bookshelf?  Could you name the book that changed your life? How about a tale that makes you cry every time? Most dramatically can anyone claim that a book made them who they are?

Happy times in the library! So many events and so much reading. Thank you to all the pupils who make my job an absolute pleasure.

There have been many exciting events, competitions and lessons held in the library.  It is wonderful to see so many of you on a regular basis.

World Book Day was a wonderful celebration of books and literature, with reading and story based activities and competitions. Pupils also took great pleasure in seeing the teachers dressed as their favourite story-time or literary character.

The winner of the staff competition was unanimously voted as Mrs Bruce, a.k.a. Wenda Wally!


New Technology played a large part in the World Book day celebrations. Pupils were able to utilise our fabulous new interactive white board to try exclusive World Book Day challenges and games. They were also able to read exclusive extracts from popular authors uniquely available on an i-pad app!


We have also had another worthy winner of the library user of the term award.  The pupil in question would rather not be named, but those of you who are regular visitors won’t have any trouble guessing who she is!

You may have heard a strange beeping sound coming from behind piles of books recently! I am in the process of adding every single library book to a new computer system. This will mean that wherever you are in school you will be able to log on and search for a book. You will be able to see what other students your own age are reading, get recommendations for what to read next, check out ‘The Book of the Week’ and reserve new books. You will also be able to write reviews to share your thoughts with other students.  In the future you will also be able to log in from home to reserve a book or renew a book you have not had time to finish.

The English Department have been thrilled with the entries for the Shakespeare poetry competition… winners to be announced soon.

Lastly, it is wonderful to hear how many miles you are all reading for the Big Diamond Jubilee Read, some of you are already in Canada! Keep reading and keep sharing your success with all of the staff as we love to hear your news.